Zeon Blackooth is the Elite Leader of the Sodium One Elite Pilots Club (S1 E.PI.C) Since March 16th 2011 he has been the leader of Sodium One Elite Pilot Club. 

Zeon Blacktooth
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The Badges That have been earned by Zeon Blacktooth. He has the Highest Ranking Badges in the club.

Zeon Blacktooth Page

The New WorldEdit

n 2008 PShome was made with very little things to do, Zeon had a try at playing the games tht were there. Pool bowling and chating was the only thing to do within Playstation Home. After the sudden intrest with Playstation Home production companys were being made to design and make spaces for PSHome. 'With the loss of internet from 2009 till early 2010, Zeon Blacktooth was missing so much on Playstation Home. Lockwood made the Sodium Hub and the Salt Shooter Game and it became the centre of Playstation Home.

Half way into 2010 Zeon made a club on PSHome called SHEILD. With the bullying of PSHome raising evry month Zeon turned his club into a PSHome Police Club, and still keeping the name of SHEILD. At the end of the year of 2010 the club wasn't i gra shape and nor was Zeon Blacktooth with illness spreading through him in the real world he had no time for PSHome. When Zeon brought the jacket in October he brought the Sodium One Pilot Jacket and started off well. With the Big Daddy Level drawing nearer Zeon started to find the Levels harder.

With Level 50 just to beat, the aount of times Zeon had to re-do the level was uncountable. Then in one day after the christms break Zeon had ago at Salt Shooter and he defeated level 50,and becoming a Elite Pilot.

While SHEILD had no active Members, Zeon was forming the clubhouse in a sodium heaven, with all the items being from sodium. With half way into FEB in 2011, Zeon disbanded SHEILD, after a week or so Zeon created the S1 E.PI.C. With the intrest of Sodium one, Zeon manage to fill the club up wit in two weeks of it being launched. When Aprils PSN hack hit the Club, a month with out the club was hell but for Zeon he made the website for the Club.

The Prime of the ClubEdit

S1EPIC logo
With New pilots the Club has really taken off. First of all Zeon met SirJake Brookes, who in no time became good friends. After a few months Jake reached the Rank of Sub-leader with in the Club. With this new source of power Jake vowed to make a club to help the Sodium Elites with Jake as the RAF S7 Club Leader. For months with new arrivals, such as Bullhone and many others, the clubs were doing well. As Zeon's PS3 decided to pop after four years he cant not get on much any more. The only way to get on is via his wife's PS3 or his Brother-in-law's (Which is not often.)

The SSAEdit

The SSA (Salt Shooter Academy) was being drafted in the early stages of the clubs birth. Zeon had made the sites and material, but he need pilots to do the tests that were set and no-one was. After the green light of the SSA was given Zeon looked for Staff members but had no luck. The SSA is no in charge of the education and Rankings of the Clubs within the Sodium Community.

Making do, with what's there Edit

Zeon has been running the club of his Laptop and his iPhone by having no PS3. Bullhone was named Head Master of the SSA. With this he told Zeon he would help with most of the club work. SirJake Brookes was name Deputy Head of the SSA and they remain to this day.