Sodium One OVERVIEW.Edit

Sodium One is an ever-evolving massively multiplayer online (MMO) game space available within the ground-breaking 3D gaming community, PlayStation Home. Gamers can step into the Sodium "Teleporter" located in the PlayStation Home Central Plaza and be transported to a futuristic, action-packed social gaming environment.

In Sodium, a new technological era has dawned bringing with it interstellar travel, rapid colonization of the galaxy, inexhaustible energy, advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and the power to travel between quantum realities. This new age has also brought a host of new challenges where players must battle for harmony with their environment -- and sometime survival. Check in with A.I. life-force "VICKIE" to obtain their objectives, then battle through multiple levels for a spot on the leader board -- either in individual combat or as a multi-player experience -- while earning credits and rewards to be redeemed in within the game. Sodium also enables users to interact, communicate and share experiences live in the Home space. When not in the heat of the proving grounds, those looking for a more social experience can become a bartender and serve virtual drinks to friends at the 'Sodium Hub', or compete with friends in mini games. 19:43, February 18, 2012 (UTC) Head Master..Bullhone.