Howdy and welcome to the S1 EPIC server, there are only 3 current active users for this server at this current time.

Elite Pilots well be given a x amount of food and supplies each week to help out with while you get started. (DON'T TRY AND HIDE OR LIE AS ADMIN WILL FIND OUT)

What Happening in The MapEdit

Head Master Bullhone And King Zeon Blacktooth have been working hard on a Minecraft server for the Elite's Server. At Spawn Point, you are spawned into CastleGate Village with the Castle, a Tavern and a village full of treats and trades with the NPC's. The Castle consists of a plenty of rooms for any Sodium Pilot to live in. Zeon's office is right on top of the Great Hall/Throne room.

There is a farm which is just outside CastleGate Village. HeadMaster Bullhone manages from his Farm House on site. The Farm has good sense of a farmers lifestyle as you can feed livestock such as pigs, cows and chickens etc, which can grow new livestock and make a full farm or to feed upon. Next to the Farm are There are greenhouse's on the farm for food also, which teaches players on how to grow new items.

The Salt shooter Academy is at the located in the Academy Village. By pressing a button at CastleGate, or walking the sandy path you will see the beautiful, tall building of the Salt Shooter Academy. i has Four Classrooms each will teach a different part of Minecraft to the player.

Around the Map there are many things that are offered to any player such as the new cities that been built{I.E. Desert Village or Mushroom Village, or even the newest Achievement Village*.

(*Achievement Village is to help every user in getting there achievements finished from the 1st to the second) (IF HELP IS NEEDED THEN CONTACT A MEMBER OF ADMIN AND SOMEONE WILL HELP ASAP)


  • Academy Village
  • Achievement Village
  • CastleGate Village
  • Desert Village
  • Mushroom Village


  • Blacktooth Castle
  • Blacktooth Tower
  • Bullhone Farm and Home
  • HMS Royal Sodium
  • SSA
  • TNT House