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The Leadership welcomes you to this Wiki of Sodium One Elite Pilots Club.

This wiki will offer information for almost every detail of Sodium. As it is new there is little info available but be patient. Please make a profile of your PSN (SEN) account from the first day of stepping foot on home to the last time you logged one with something worth sharing to all. A profile template link is below please use it to make a good profile.

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These articles may already have some information, in fact it may be all that there is for some of them, but we can improve them even if we have to create information to add to it. But remember, it is imperative that they stay to being as "Sodium " as possible.
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  The Sodium Comminuty

The Sodium Comminuty is nothing with out its clubs. The Comminuty has 4 clubs linked to all together to form the Community.

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